Portable Ionic Electric Hairbrush

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 Portable Ionic Electric Hairbrush guaranteed to take that frizzy hair to Healthy and Frizz FREE!



  • Ion Technology - Negative ions vibrate the built-in anion generator, which then generate negative ions and neutralize the positive charge of static electricity. This helps condition, smooth and make hair shinier, while reducing frizz and static.
  • Scalp Massager -This brush comes with a massage detangling system with built in vibration massage device that help promote your scalp's blood circulation while you apply.
  • Relieve fatigue , Relieve stress and take a short break in a busy life.
  • High-End Detangler Brush--Anti-static stainless steel bristles glide through all hair types, while round ball tips gently massage your scalp. The ergonomic soft grip handle fits comfortably in your hand ensuring an excellent grip experience.
  • Unique Mouse Round Brush Design--All the tips of the ionic comb are smooth and seamless, avoiding damage to the scalp or pulling hair during use, effectively solving the problem of hair knot.
  • Tip has a larger contact surface and gently protects your scalp.
  • Portable Light-weight Design Quality Assurance--Enjoy a massage experience at anytime anywhere. It is easily detachable to clean each part easily.

*Please allow up to 15 days for processing and delivery*

Customer Reviews

Based on 51 reviews

doesn't do anything it only lights blue


The truth a lot of expectation reality nothing, it takes 2 months to arrive very expensive the brush and does not work as described. It's a brush like any other. I contacted the seller but his answer didn't convince me. For that reason my assessment is bad.


The comb is compact, pleasantly lies in the hand. Everything works and ionization and vibration. After application, the hair is more smooth and soft


There is no explanation of how to open and install the product and there is very difficulty in dealing with the product


Useless thing, effect-0! While my hair is thin and easy to handle different manipulations

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